3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material, (33040)

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  • Spend less time buffing and achieve deeper, glossier finishes with 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material and it’s engineered matching pads
  • Developed to follow 8000-grade 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives as part of the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System, which can eliminate the need for heavy compounding.
  • Refines ultra-micro-fine 8000 grade abrasive scratch to deliver deeper, glossier finishes with reduced rework and comebacks.
  • The stay-wet formula helps reduce sling for less mess and a shorter cleanup time
  • Engineered to work with the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Foam Finishing Pad to deliver the cut of compounding with the fine finish of polishing.

3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material essentially compounds and polishes in one step – eliminating the time and expense of compounding when used as part of the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System. Like all 3M™ Perfect-It™ compounds and polishes, it delivers a longer working time yet still reduces sling for easier cleanup.

Part of a Complete System that Eliminates Compounding in Paint Finishing

When used as part of the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step System, our 3M™ Perfect-it™ Finishing Material makes possible something that collision repair and detailing professionals have always desired: the elimination of compounding from the paint finishing process. Now, you can complete paint finishing jobs faster, increase throughput in collision repair shop or detail department without sacrificing a showroom-quality finish on most vehicles. Fast-cutting, 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material applied immediately after scratch refinement with 3M™ Trizact™ 3000 and 3M™ Trizact™ 8000 Abrasives, and in effect serves as compound and polish in one. It is formulated for longer work times, even in extreme conditions – especially important in places where heat and humidity are common inside or outside of the shop. It won’t become sticky during use or leave a powder or film residue that can cause rework. Yet it holds on the pad, reducing the mess, waste and cleanup time associated with sling.