3M Highland Masking Tape, 2727, 06543, 1.89 in x 180 ft (48 mm x 55 m), 1 Roll

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Highland Masking Tape 2727 is a high-density, tear-resistant automotive masking tape that provides excellent adhesion. Its rubber-based adhesive is part of a balanced construction featuring a smooth, heat and solvent resistant crepe paper backing that removes cleanly. This tape provides consistent unwind and easy tearing to reduce work times.

Ideal for collision repair applications, Highland Masking Tape 2727 is built with a balanced construction to help lower costs associated with tape removal and rework. Its rubber-based adhesive sticks instantly to a variety of surfaces, and resists curling and lifting during the masking and painting processes. What’s more, it resists adhesive transfer, virtually eliminating cleanup time and added labor.