DeVilbiss SSL10 Spray Gun Lube


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Compatible with a wide range of paint materials, including those used on automotive exteriors, DeVilbiss Spray Gun Lube is usable with any brand of spray gun currently on the market.

This 2 oz. bottle contains no petroleum distillates or silicone, making for a perfectly safe and corrosion-free solution for your needs. It will keep your spray gun in excellent working condition, reducing wear and tear, maximizing performance and extending the life of your tools. This saves costs in the long term and provides a much better and more effective solution than WD-40 and other common lubricants.

Key Features of the DeVilbiss Spray Gun Lube - 803888:

  • Contains no silicone or petroleum distillates
  • Compatible with all paint materials
  • 2-ounce bottle
  • Can be used with any brand guns