FINIXA Waterbased Degreaser


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DGR is a water-based cleaner. Can be used to remove dirt, dust, swarf and to degrease all kinds of surfaces such as old paint layers, transport primer, other primers, metal (steel, aluminium and galvanized pieces) and plastic.

*Eliminates salt and soap rests. By using 2 cloths, the water-based degreaser removes all dirt from the surface without leaving any traces.

*Can be used without mask or gloves. Next to being nature friendly, the water-based degreaser can be used without any protective gear.

*Antistatic action on the surface. Compared to solvent-based degreasers, the water-based degreaser completely nullifies any static action on the surface.

*Does not affect rubber or plastic. The water-based degreaser does not affect rubber or plastic, while solvent-based degreasers almost always cause damage to the surface.