Goliath Carts K1-A K1- Key Locker


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Goliath Carts K1-A K1- Key Locker

At Goliath Carts we believe that the only way to control tools and valuable resources is to secure them. It is for that reason that we have spend countless innovation-based hours developing our brand-new secure series. The products found in this series will help you to secure resources and maintain profitability.

These products are wall mounted and stand up cabinets that has both an electronic touch pad and a key to maintain security and control. Shops and dealerships can use these product to provide secure access to technicians and service department employees while maintaining the security needed to protect these items.

From providing computer access to securing materials, the Goliath “Secure Series” Cabinets allows secure computer access as well as providing a clean and secure environment.

K1 Key Locker Features:

  • 20 X 6 1/2 X 30 Dimensions
  • Welded and Pre Assembled
  • Stores up to 104 keys
  • Has administrator and user password
  • 8 Adjustable Shelves
  • Boxed: 22 X 9 X 32 – 44 lbs.

K1 Key Locker Includes:

  • Key Locker
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • 8 Adjustable Shelves