Pro Form 2K Epoxy Primer/Sealer


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2K Epoxy Primer/Sealer is a high-quality, two-component, isocyanate-free epoxy primer designed to be used as a corrosion-resistant primer with excellent adhesion to metal, fibreglass and aluminum surfaces. 2K Epoxy Primer Sealer improves the adhesion of body fillers and resists moisture damage caused by water permeation. This epoxy primer also offers additional colour holdout characteristics and can be tinted with Universal Primer Tints.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Direct to metal
  • Excellent colour holdout


660C - UN1263 - PAINT RELATED MATERIAL - Class 3 - Packing Group II - This product meets the Limited Quantity exemption when packaged in containers less than 5 litres

661C - UN1263 - PAINT - Class 3 - Packing Group II - This product meets the limited quantity exemption when shipped in containers less than 5 litres.