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Rondex Lite Weight is a best-selling, high-quality, clog-free, lightweight body filler. This formula is a great value with its smooth spreading and easy sanding features. The non-clog formula adds greater value in sandpaper savings. Packaged with blue cream hardener.

For best results, clean, degrease and dry the surface. Use 40–80 grit to remove the paint and featheredge. Stir the filler and knead the hardener before using. Add the hardener to the filler 2% by weight (add a ribbon of cream hardener from edge to edge across the center of a 4" diameter puddle). Approximate setting time is 3–5 minutes at 72°F (22°C). Apply in layers with firm pressure. Do not apply all at once. Allow 20 minutes for filler to dry, then sand with 40–80 grit. Finish sanding body filler with 180 grit.