SikaTack DRIVE - Elastic Windshield Glue 60 min


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SikaTack Drive is a polyurethane to apply rapid hardening cold glue. It has excellent technical characteristics such as the application without primer, compatibility with the Assembly of glass with integrated antennas, the lack of conductivity and offers quality and safety. It is suitable for the replacement of glazing on all models of motor vehicles with or without airbags.

Areas of application:

SikaTack Drive is designed for auto-mobiles glass replacement market.

It is ideal for use in workshop at home.

This product is exclusively reserved to the professionals.

If this product is used for any application other than the replacement of glazing, preliminary tests should be made prior to use.


  • Without primer
  • Solvent free
  • Very good wire break
  • Very thixotrope
  • Easy and clean application
  • Can be used on all models of vehicles (All - in - One system Modulus)
  • Compatible with integrated antennas
  • Release of vehicle court³ time according to US FMVSS 212/08
  • Prevents any risk of corrosion on aluminum body