Spanesi 14500A Spot Welder

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Welder, Inverter 14500A 


  • All types of steels - The 14500A welder is capable of welding all types of steel, including high strength steels and advanced high strength steels.
  • Inverter - The inverter ensures excellent penetration into the substrates.
  • Automatic thickness recognition - Fully automatic with material recognition using the SMART Auto Set feature. Manual adjustments are also available to allow the  operator to adjust the welding parameters


  • 3 Set of Arms
  • C-Small Arm
  • C-Medium Arm
  • C-Large Arm
  • 1 Qt Coolant, 714983-ENI
  • Extra Caps, 5231 & 5234
  • Grey Cover
  • Adapter for Slanting Electrode Holder 'C" Gun