UNI-4500 Starter Kit™ Stud Gun From H&S Autoshot

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Designed for the entry level bodyman for economy but don't be fooled, this powerful stud gun features overload protection, fast-acting trigger and stud-ease chuck. Includes 4450 stud gun with 115volt power cord, slide hammer pin puller and 500-pack of 2.2mm stud pins.

Kit Contents:

  • 4551 Starter Welder: The UPGRADED 4551 Starter welder is the most powerful Starter welder on the market. It is 110 volt and comes with a built in overload relay to protect the transformer from overheating. The trigger is mounted in the handle for easy operation. The 4551 Welder features “Stud Ease Technology”, exclusive to Uni-Spotter.
  • 1001 Flexpert Welding Studs: The 1001 Flexpert Welding Studs are the most popular stud sold. They are 2.2 mm copper coated and have been specially designed for easy welding and easy removal after the pulling is complete. The shafts are strong yet flexible. This is the preferred stud for use with slide hammers.
  • 1004 Stud Welding tip: The 1004 stud welding tip can be used with all welding studs up to 2.6 mm in diameter. Designed with a Morse Taper for a positive fit with an easy removal
  • 1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer: The 1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer has been designed with a 4-jaw collet which firmly grips the stud and does not let go till you release it. The “T” Handle gives the operator a comfortable ergonomic grip. The tapered head allows for tapping the panel close to the stud.