3M™ Supplied Air Respirator Vortex Cooling Assembly V-100/37018


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  • Cools the air up to 50°F (28°C).
  • Includes the cooling tube, waist belt and holder
  • A cost-effective way to provide a high level of respiratory protection

A cost-effective way to provide a high level of respiratory protection 

Personalized air
Whether you need to heat, cool, or regulate airflow on the job, our line of supplied air valves can help ensure the temperature and airflow that's being delivered into your workers' headtops is customized to their needs.

The benefits of supplied air
If you're new to Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) Systems, you may be wondering why you should consider supplied air respirators for your workers. SAR systems use compressed air—not lung power—to deliver breathing air into the headtop. Certain SAR systems can accommodate your workers with limited facial hair and loose fitting headtops can leave room for prescription eyewear and additional PPE.

Air quality
It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the compressed air used with any supplied air system meets the requirements for at least Grade-D breathing air per the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification G-7.1 in the U.S. as specified in the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Respiratory Protection standard 1910.134(i)(1)(ii). In Canada, refer to CSA Standard Z180.1 table for the quality of compressed breathing air.