3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System Kit, Large


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3M PPS Series 2.0 Spray Cup System is the next generation, highest performing disposable spray cup system for mixing/measuring, filtering, spraying in any direction, 360-degree spray rotation, and sealing and protecting coatings while not in use.

  • Better flow and consistency for a better end result
  • Quarter-turn lid locking system stays cleaner, locks faster, with fewer assembly steps
  • Easy to use
  • Cup windows allow you to hold the liner for cleaner, easier lid removal, and to check paint levels with ease
  • The wide, 4-point 360° platform of the advanced adapter and spout help maximize stability while spraying

Reinvented to help make your life easier, and the painting process cleaner and faster, the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Kit offers a major boost to productivity and quality.