KBS All-In-One Chassis Coater Kits


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KBS All-In-One Chassis Coater Kits

KBS all-in-one chassis coater kits are complete kits that take the popular KBS frame coater kits to the next level. In addition to the complete 3-Step system, these all-in-one chassis coater kits include KBS BlackTop topcoat, which is a high-performance protective coating specifically formulated to withstand the dulling and fading caused by prolonged and extreme sunlight exposure.

All-in-one chassis coater kits include:

* AquaKlean industrial strength cleaner and degreaser
* RustBlast rust remover and metal prep
* RustSeal, a non-porous, waterproof rust preventative
* BlackTop superior topcoat with UV protection
* #1 thinner to thin spray applications and for cleanup
* Brushes, gloves, and stir stick with instructions