E-Z 1 Pint Platinum Lid (Each)


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Exposing paint to air and light would be the end of its lifespan. Paints can easily become uneven and lumpy the next time you use them. When left exposed, paints can fume your home with harmful substances that make you uncomfortable and sick. Don’t ruin your next project because our 1 Pint Platinum Lids come in here.

If you’re worrying about specks of dust and other small particles in your paint, then get our sturdy 1-Pint Platinum Lid. It will keep your paint fresh the next time you use it. With our EZ Mix 1 Pint Platinum Lid, you’ll be at peace knowing your paint will not dry easily.

The lids come from high-quality materials, so you may properly store your paint. The E-Z Mix 1-pint platinum lid is a cost-effective solution that can save you from buying more paints or even hospital bills caused by paint inhalation.

At E-Z Mix, we are on the quest to provide you with the best environmentally safe products in the market. We manufacture our products to align with saving our planet even when you decide to dispose of them properly. Our E-Z Mix Platinum Lids are made from highly durable materials and are proudly made in the USA.

What are you waiting for? Protect your paint, lungs, and wallet by getting our 1-Pint Platinum lids for leftover paints now! Be sure to properly dispose of them when the time comes.