EVERCOAT Maxim Super Fast Urethane Adhesive


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Evercoat Maxim Super Fast Urethane Adhesive

Evercoat Maxim Super Fast Urethane Adhesive is a 2-component urethane repair compound that provides incredible strength for bonding of brackets, clips, moldings, backing patches, and bumper tabs--as well as for bonding of cracked headlight buckets and lenses. This urethane material is ideal for non-structural repairs on fiberglass, SMC, PUR, RIM, RRIM, PP, TPO, TPE, EPDM and other automotive plastics.

Product details and specs:

* High-strength adhesion properties and excellent gap filling for repairs
* Fast cure for increased repair efficiency and labor savings
* Sandable after product has time to cure
* Remains flexible, unlike Cyanoacrylate adhesives
* Universal cartridge eliminates need for special tools for application