FINIXA Foam It - Water-based Cleaner and Degreaser


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Foam it! is an ammonia-free universal water-based cleaner and degreaser in an aerosol. In contradiction to what is on the market already, Foam it! is not only ammonia-free but leaves, once sprayed, a thin foam layer on the surface. This foam releases all kinds of dirt and grease almost instantly from any surface and wipes off very easily, without leaving any traces. Can be used as a general-purpose automotive or domestic cleaner, but is also useful to prepare a surface before painting or plastic repair considering its unique degreasing formula.

The applications are endless:

  • Car exteriors (dry cleaning of painted parts, carwash without water)
  • Car interiors (plastic, leather, wood, metal, glass, dashboards, door panels, LCD screens)
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaner (anti-bacterial quality)
  • Window cleaner, mirror cleaner, TV cleaner
  • Rim cleaner