FINIXA Masking Tape, Gold - 100 °C


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  • Masking tape of the new generation
  • Can be used with all water- and solvent-based automotive paints
  • Solvent- and water-resistant
  • Excellent adhesion on all surfaces, also on plastic and rubber
  • More flexible than traditional masking tape
  • Ultra thin carrier; Japanese flat paper (rice paper)
  • Can easily be used in soft curves and can replace fine line tape
  • Saves a considerable amount of time during disassembly and assembly
  • Never leaves traces of glue, not even on polycarbonite of head and tail lights
  • Heat resistant: 30 minutes at 100 °C
  • Thickness: 0,09mm
  • Adhesive strength on steel: 4,8 N/25mm