FINIXA Polyester putty LIGHT


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  • Polyester putty 1.5kg + hardener - light
  • Universal light putty
  • Extreme adhesion on metal surfaces 
  • High stability in the tin
  • Low shrinkage ratio
  • Vibration-resistant and more flexible on thin metal
  • Same applications as “MULTI” putty, but results in the same fine finish as “FINE” putty
  • Combines excellent sanding properties, with an absolutely compact surface
  • Easy sanding
  • Extreme adhesion to a variety of substrates such as steel, E-coat, galvanized steel, glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFK) and wood
  • Short drying time
  • Specific weight 1.38 kg/L
Colour: green​
Hardener: BPO red
Mixing ratio in %: 2