FINIXA Sanding Disc 150mm 15 Holes - Red


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With the introduction of environmentally friendly paints, high-solid products, UV primers and clear coats, water based paints, anti-scratch coatings, self-repairing clear coats, anti-chip clear coats, … into the automotive refinish, 21st century abrasives requirements have evolved substantially. Therefore, with abrasives, one does not only get a complete program in different shapes to be used by hand or with a sander, but a cost effective product that is fast, sharp and long-lasting on any modern application.

  • Double glued layer of the grit avoiding detachment of the grit.
  • Blue fired aluminium oxide grit partly enriched with diamond based powder, increasing the durability.
  • Uniformed orientation of the grit on the backing, insuring the sharpest point of the grit is making contact with the surface increasing the sharpness and speed during sanding.
  • Stearate hot melted coating avoiding clogging of dust particles into the abrasive making the paper long lasting.