FINIXA Ultimate Foam Discs Velcro 150mm


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Ultimate sanding, in order to sand with the desired grit to obtain a perfect result, preparing the surface in painting, fading out or polishing. Assures adhesion, flattens out without the risk of going through the painted surface, respects the shape of the panel. Can be used dry or wet.

Paper disc without holes, available in different grids.

  • For old & new paints
  • High solid primers & clear coats & polyester putties
  • Better performance when no dust extraction is available or necessary as the disc is completely covered with grits
  • Double glued layer to avoid detachment of the grit
  • Blue fired red aluminium oxide grit partly enriched with diamond based powder, to increase durability
  • Uniformed orientation of the grit on the backing, insuring the sharpest point of the grit is making contact with the surface which increases the sharpness and speed during sanding
  • Stearate hot melted coating avoids clogging of dust particles into the abrasive, giving it longevity
  •  Ø 150mm