KBS Cavity Coater - 12oz.


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The Ultimate Cavity Wax! 

Cavity Coater is a one-step, super-penetrating corrosion inhibiting coating (CIC) for long-term protection on all metal surfaces.

Cavity Coater provides a self-healing film which renders over 4000+ hrs salt spray protection (an industry test that means Insane Rust Protection) ...over 4 times the protection of conventional cavity waxes.

Use Cavity Coater with a KBS Cavity Wand to give long-lasting protection for those hard-to-reach enclosed cavities such as rocker panels, boxed frames, inside doors & fenders, deck lids, tailgates...and more.

Cavity Coater Features

  • Insane Rust Protection - 4000+ Hrs Salt Spray Test
  • Creeps into Welds & Seams
  • Wicks & penetrates where primers and topcoats cannot get
  • Water Displacing
  • No Cracking or Flaking to -60°F
  • Self Healing
  • Easy Application
  • Ultra Long Lasting
  • Multi-Surface Uses
  • Forms Capillary Action
  • Lubricating properties
  • Minimizes parts replacement costs
  • Enables faster dis-assembly when repairs are needed
  • Protects against carbon fusion
  • Resists alkaline solutions, most chemical & acid vapours, road salt, steam, and salt water.

Cavity Coater Applications

Automotive: Boxed frames • Rocker panels • Inside doors • Inside car & trailer frame rails • Windshield cowls • trunk lids • Hoods • Inside A-Posts • Inside B-Posts • Inside front & rear fenders & Inside tailgates • Back sides of bumpers • Weld seams (Wicks into welds & seams) • Insulating between unlike metal surfaces • Use wherever a typical cavity wax would be used.