Meguiar's Ultimate Polish - Prepare The Surface for Car Wax - G19216C


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Ultimate Polish maximizes gloss & reflectivity before waxing

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish is specifically formulated to produce incredible glossy paint and depth of shine before waxing. This premium pre-waxing glaze adds nutrients dramatically enhancing reflections and depth of color on glossy paints and clear coats. It’s especially effective on darker colors for obtaining that deep 'wet look'. With Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish, you have the perfect gloss enhancer that can get you shiny paint for that show car shine!

The term polish can often mean different things to different people. So, what really is a polish?

Polishing is an optional step that provides additional nutrients and oils for maximum depth of shine and reflectivity. Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish will also prepare the surface by removing very slight swirls that are only visible at certain angles or in certain lighting, like towel marks from drying. Ultimate Polish removes light defects like this, provides deep reflections, and gets your paint ready for a wax or sealant.