SprayMax 1K Spot Blender


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The SprayMax 1K Aerosol Spot Blender is a mix of solvents that smooths the alterations made at spot repairs to give you a remarkable result. The spray gun pattern of this aerosol can provide a seamless transition between the old lacquer and the new. The Aerosol Spot Blender is perfect for blending and spot repair of 2K clearcoats and 2K topcoats.

The SprayMax blender has a very fine tip that directly jet sprays solvent to provide a smooth finish. The very soft transition created by this spot blender has an immediate effect, and you are sure to get high-gloss and high-quality results. You can now repair minor damage easily and economically.

Characteristics Properties of the Spot Blender

With partial dissolving properties, the Spot Blender is capable of weakening old paints to give you an amazing blending result. The spray gun jet spray helps you create a homogeneous flow in the transition zone.

How to use the SprayMax 1K Aerosol Spot Blender?

  • Sand the transition surface in advance with a sanding paper
  • Apply the spot blender right after the use of topcoat or clearcoat in the required zone.
  • Apply 2-3 light sprays until you obtain an equal transition
  • This blender requires no flash-off time

Key Features of the SprayMax 1K Aerosol Spot Blender:

  • Works well for spot and blend in repairs
  • Provides easy and quick application
  • Acts as an easy transition between the old and new lacquer coats
  • Needs less polishing work
  • Has no color deviations
  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Well suited for 2K clearcoats and 2K topcoats
  • Provides soft transition zones
  • Immediate effect
  • Ready to use aerosol can
  • 10.8 oz aerosol can


UN1950 Class 2.1